Foreign Trade Enterprise MAG
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  • Collection, feedstock and recycling of waste tyres
  • Production of rubber granulate
  • Production of rubber reclaim
  • Production of rubber compounds
  • Production of moulded rubber technical goods
  • Distribution of conveyor belt, pier rubber fenders from the leading producers
  • Transportation of bulk cargoes by barges "Europe-2” type
Our history
Foreign Trade Enterprise “MAG” was found on the 4-th of March 1994 in Komsomolsk Poltava region. The production activity is realized at two plants “Waste Tyre Recicling Plant” in Komsomolsk and JSC “Regenerat” in Lisichansk.
39803, Ukraine, Poltava Region,
Gorishni Plavni , Konstytutsii Street, 32/33
tel. ‎‎+380675351112 ‎‎+380675450515
(05348)44450   (05348)44451